About the game

About the game

INFINIA is an addicting game where you fight to get a good score on an infinite amount of levels!


Use WASD to control the movement of your ship. You mouse aims your ship for you, and clicking and holding releases dozens of bullets at your enemies

There are two meters located at the bottom-left of the HUD. The top, red one measures how much health you have. When this bar reaches zero, you die and have to respawn. The black bar on the bottom is your ammunition bar. Every time you shoot, you take ammunition. When your ammunition runs low, you must wait for it to recharge until you can fire again.

Meet the Mobs

The Zeenaster is the big orange guy with two guns. If you encounter this mob, run for your life. He can fire twice as fast as other mobs, and swarms of these are easily fatal.

The Pukazoid is the purple guy. His vomit is highly acidic and will no doubt damage the armor of your ship.

The Zepling is the green guy with wings. He is different than other mobs in that he is extra fast and agile. His bullets also ricochet off of walls and other solid materials, so watch out!

About the programming

This game was written in HTML5 and javascript by Keiran Paster in one month. For sound, it uses the fantastic Soundmanager 2 for audio support. The game includes sounds from

About the art

This game's art was drawn by Will Cooper. He is a fantastic artist and really made this game look great!